There’s no better side dish than fries, and there’s no better partner than Saint-Arneault!

Saint-Arneault has set the standards for decades when it comes to fresh and frozen fries. 

St-Arneault inc. is the only manufacturer in America to offer pre-cooked fresh fries and/or frozen fries. Our products are renowned for their taste and extended shelf life. Various types of cuts are offered both for Qualifresh and frozen products.

Our products

Why do clients trust Saint-Arneault? 

For the quality of our products and comprehensive line-up 

Saint-Arneault offers quality, tasty, and fresh Quebec products. Each batch is extensively analyzed and documented by our Quality Control department and additionally, in the case of the Qualifresh products, by an outside lab. 

The flexibility of buying either frozen or fresh but pre-cooked fries, the wide array of cuts offered, and the shelf life of our products are major advantages that make our offer unique on the market. 

St-Arneault has invested more than $35M over the last few years to modernize its processing plant, purchase farmland, and build a new warehouse. 

Pour notre offre variée et nos nouveautés

Saint-Arneault accorde une grande importance et investit dans le secteur de la recherche et du développement. Notre volonté de toujours vous proposer des produits de qualité, de la fraîcheur et de la nouveauté.

Une usine de transformation moderne (investissement de 35 M$ au cours des dernières années pour l’usine, acheter des terres pour la sécurité d’approvisionnement et le développement de nouveaux produits) et la Qualiferme qui assure une partie de son approvisionnement.

For our unrivalled customer service 

The Saint-Arneault team is especially committed to its customer and partner relations. One of the company’s strengths is the trust established between the team and our growing clientele over the years. 

Saint-Arneault management is convinced that by offering customized service and remaining attentive to the needs of its clientele, the business will strengthen its position within the industryThis is why accessibility is one of the values adopted by the company. 

For our expertise and experience  

Saint-Arneault has been active in the industry for over 40 years and experienced several growth stages leading to its current reputation for excellence. Saint-Arneault is one of six North American French fry producers and the only one to also offer fresh, pre-cooked fries. 

Saint-Arneault frozen fries are now well-known at the international level as they are enjoyed in the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean in addition to Canada. In total, more than 100 million pounds of potatoes are sold annually. 

For our solution suited to your needs and reality 

There is no shelf life issue with Saint-Arneault friesOur products are well preserved and are quick and easy to prepare. 

Qualifresh fries are the perfect answer to on-going issues in the restaurant business. Our fresh pre-cooked fries help our clients save time and money in addition to alleviating labour shortages and reinforcing operational efficiency. 

As such, the kitchen staff can focus on other more value-added tasks and restaurant owners recover kitchen space that was previously used to prepare potatoes. 

Questions about Saint-Arneault fries?